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        Qiu Guilin, Master of English Language and Literature, established the Business English major in our college in 2004.He advocates and practices the vocational education concept of "learning is work, students are employees, classrooms are companies, teachers are mentors" and "practice achieves skills". He focuses on cultivating students' professional ability, learning ability, social ability and innovative entrepreneurial ability. He is widely praised by students as "strict, realistic, realistic, effective, innovative and humorous". He offers and teaches two bilingual courses for Business English majors International Trade Practice and Cross-border Business Marketing Practice and has long been engaged in the teaching and training of CET4-6, BEC, PETS, Doctoral Entrance English Examination, IELTS and TOFEL.In addition, he is also engaged in teaching the courses of E-commerce Law, International Commercial Law, Business Communication and Negotiation and Market Investigation and Forecasting. At present, 15 papers have been published publicly, 8 textbooks have been edited by the editor-in-chief, and 1 school-based textbook has been published in the English version of International Trade Practice.
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