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Name:Tan Meiyun
Birth:  Dec., 1976
Academic title: Associate professor
She graduated from Foreign Studies College of Hunan Normal University with a Master's degree in English and her research direction is Business English and Translation. Now she is a key teacher of business English Major in Hunan Vocational College of Commerce. She has obtained the Cambridge Business English Certificate and is currently an interviewer of CNBECT, a member of Hunan Science and Technology Translation Association and a PETS oral examiner. She is mainly responsible for Business English Listening, Business Interpretation, Comprehensive English and Tourism English teaching. During the working period, she has been awarded the title of Advanced Worker and Excellent member of Communist Party of China for many times in the College. She has also won Excellent Teaching Award. She issued two books publicly as chief editor, presiding over two provincial planning projects and participated in other four provincial projects, published more than 18 papers.
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